on 07/26/22 at 15:51:13: yew shud laf 2, itt gud for helth
Gary WA on 07/26/22 at 22:10:59: And I'm laughing at your stupidity!!!
on 07/26/22 at 22:41:02: I feel sorry for you.
on 07/26/22 at 23:38:59: Somehow I get the feeling you think you are superior to those that have less education than you.
Gary WA on 07/28/22 at 18:38:35: Thank You!!
on 07/28/22 at 21:44:35: How do you know they are not making a fool out of you?
Gary WA on 07/29/22 at 20:57:09: I kow because I have a lot of education
Gary WA on 07/29/22 at 20:57:23: know
on 07/29/22 at 23:31:36: Well educated but hasn't mastered the keyboard.
on 07/30/22 at 00:12:25: mi wunder if gary kin find 5th root of a number bi longhand methud.
Gary WA on 07/30/22 at 21:21:44: Yes I'm a mathmatician! And by the way on,do you have a Model A?
Pete on 07/30/22 at 23:01:39: Hi Gary, looks like you have a new friend....lol
Pete on 07/30/22 at 23:02:22: At least the chat room is getting some use.
Gary WA on 07/31/22 at 00:25:55: Yes trying to keep it going, Been on ahooga since started 1995? Mr on
Gary WA on 07/31/22 at 00:26:36: Guess it has no ame or it's-on
Gary WA on 07/31/22 at 00:26:59: name
Pete on 07/31/22 at 00:34:01: I think "on" is part of the software.
Pete on 07/31/22 at 00:35:37: Yup, I have been here since it started also.
Gary WA on 08/01/22 at 20:20:18: International Model A Ford Day IMAFD Sept 17.2022
Dominic on 08/02/22 at 20:39:40: I see 2 on the bottom of the page.....anyone here ?
Greg on 08/02/22 at 21:30:09: Nope
Pete on 08/03/22 at 21:26:59: Actually there are minus 3 here. The electeronical counter does not count minus people.
Greg on 08/09/22 at 15:23:19: To error is human Pete…. You know to really screw things up, just use a cunfuser
Pete on 08/09/22 at 21:23:16: Picture a busy night at Stonehenge as workers move the stones ahead for daylight time.
Gary WA on 08/10/22 at 20:24:49: Get them stones moved yet?
Pete on 08/12/22 at 17:24:36: I heard they are in place and in perfect sync with WWV.
Greg on 08/12/22 at 19:45:57: Anyone want pictures of the Washington version of said Stonehenge? 🤪
Gary WA on 08/12/22 at 22:12:47: Yes let me see !! Washington State?
karen on 08/13/22 at 21:49:03: hi all
karen on 08/13/22 at 21:53:25: dust storm here
karen on 08/13/22 at 21:57:07: gary hi
karen on 08/13/22 at 21:57:11:
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:04:54: gary do environmental enforcement but calm person here
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:15:15: Anyone here ?
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:15:39: I see 4 at the bottom of the page
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:16:04: this is the most i've seen in years
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:19:25: I guess nobody's talkin
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:19:27: dom site has no web master ok i post name comes comes up 20 times
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:19:29:
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:19:59: dom u good
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:20:04: I dont seem to have that trouble, not yet anyway
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:20:19: Im ok thanks
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:21:23: still have a 31 slant wddshied
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:21:35: I wish this room would go back the way it was
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:21:49: you bought one ?
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:22:33: u know had a 79 vette
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:22:39:
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:22:42:
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:22:43:
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:22:51: yeah
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:22:54: trade
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:23:20: oh ok....didnt know that
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:23:45: been a year
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:23:52: I see a REAL NICE 1930 pick up on Ebay, just wish I had a place to put it
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:24:39: its a bit on the high side of price but if its as nice as it looks, its a good deal
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:25:24: dom classics sell at rt.....time ok up & down ok
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:25:51: been a year you say, goes to show the last time I spoke to anyone here
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:27:58: reallyyy
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:27:58: reallyyy
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:28:02:
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:28:48: remember u i do
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:29:27: I just dont understand what happened to everyone
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:29:57: most are nice..ok 1 BS guy here sooo negitive
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:30:55: yeah I see but in rooms like this you will always have one or a few
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:30:57: amber my friend has a coupe 31
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:31:42: like mine but I have a 30 Coupe and a 1974 red Nova with a 454 in it
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:31:54: true
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:31:57: 4 speed
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:32:21: I will take that one out tomorrow and meet the guys for a few hours
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:33:11: 3 speed
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:33:38: my Coupe is 3 speed also
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:33:59: but the NOVA is 4 speed
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:36:44: well karen was nice to see you, I need to get to bed
Dominic on 08/13/22 at 22:37:04: hope to see you again.....gnite
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:37:41: nice.....dom last of a era hold on for bucks
karen on 08/13/22 at 22:38:27: hug ok
Pete on 08/14/22 at 00:25:54: Wow, actual people doing actual talk. Kind of neat.
Pete on 08/14/22 at 00:29:11: poofe
karen on 08/14/22 at 00:32:41: hi